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Announcement: End Of Life

After years of not being able to find time to finish coding this project, I have decided not to renew the domain.

I paid for 10 years way back then, but this project needs an entirely new codebase since we no longer code like this anymore.

This means that once the domain has expired (8.2.2023) and the site goes down the entire project will be wiped from the server, which includes: code, images and database.

This domain is now for sale at Afternic.

A few stats

  • RateMyCups has a total of 17,457 users.
  • 215 ladies.
  • 416 men (some of these are gentlemen).
  • 8,685 photos on this site.
  • 437 validation photos has been approved.
  • 133 validation photos has been rejected.
  • 380 users has been validated as real people and has become members of this site.
  • 23,321 comments has been submitted on photos.
  • 7,195 comments has been submitted on profiles.
  • 6,423 photos has been rated by 244 members.
  • 59,567 ratings has been submitted.
  • 22 people has signed up within the last 24 hours
  • Within the last 7 days, 168 people has signed up.
  • The average cupsize is E/DD/E/DD.
  • The average cock length is 17.15 cm/6.75 inches or big.

Last Seen Online

Current Ready State

Open Beta

Please note

You don't need a validation picture to start with in the alpha and beta versions, the trial period won't start before release.

Features which works so far

Announcement: Uploads beyond 2MB are working again

  • And it is set for a max size of 16MB

Announcement: Beta Testers

  • There will be a special bonus to every user who has been verified within the beta testing period.

Announcement: Wipe Out

  • All unverified accounts will be wiped after 6 months.
  • All verified accounts, which has been inactive for over 1 year, will be wiped
  • Unverified Members benefits will be turned off, which means no more voting or commenting people.
  • To become a member, all you have to do is upload a photo of yourself while holding a note with RMC and your username written on it.

Name & Shame


  • Expanded the Tops to have more Top 10s (Tops of The Cups is in there)
  • Updated database to MariaDB
  • Private Messages are now groupped correctly
  • Fixed privates in the chat. Privates are now privates once again!!
  • Change the Top 10/20s to Ajax/JSON to lower the server load of every-page-hit-queries...
  • Highlight who is in the chat with a green border in the online bar, suggested by justenjoy, thanks :)
  • Added Chat...
  • Ads has been completely disabled, since there was NO income what-so-ever on the ads.
  • People who tries to cheat and gets caught, will be named and shamed.
  • Added MouseLess Voting Support: While viewing a photo, press 1 to 0 on the keyboard and you will vote 1=1, 2=2, 3=3... and 0=10.
    You can also use the arrow keys left and right to browse to next or previous photo. Enjoy!
  • Forgot to remove a limiter in the reset password, so if it failed for you before, then try again now... sorry.
  • Fixed a bug with the reset password if the user wasn't found on static.
  • Accidentally changed password SALT and/or PEPPER which forced me to force you to reset your password... sorry 'bout that!

So I used to love this site but now after the actions of its adminstrator I have decided that it can kiss my ass! I have been a regular verified user and then suddenly I'm deleted and being told I'm an idiot. No explanation not a word. I wasn't ever once allowed the chance to set the story straight. So considering I have done nothing wrong and have been treated this way they can take RMC and shove it up MrBangs self righteous ass. Your a power tripping small pricked fucktard that I want nothing to do with any longer. To all my loyal friends thanks and good luck.
Fucking pathetic.

- Evetitties81

If we are idiots, you must be a compulsive masturbator who couldn't pull a fuck with $1mil in a philipino brothel, your a complete fuckin loser... From Storm and SexySamantha. (Your site is full of faggots by the way, but that's no doubt your preference, SexySamantha xxxx )"
- Clearsky aka Storm aka SexySamantha

  • SexySamantha isn't real. It is a fake profile created by another verified user in an attempt to boost his/her own ratings. It is pathetic and unacceptable.
  • cleanUpGhostDataWipedFavorites()
  • updateMyRatingsOnMyFavorites()
  • autoRateOnAddToFavorite()
  • After some reports and one warning, PacO91 has been banned from this site! And will now be redirected the another site instead. He is and will never be welcome here again.
  • The rating results has now been hidden from different areas.
  • I am once again thinking about changing the 10 scale into a 5 scale rating system with labels on such as:
  • Hate | Dislike | A-Ok | Like | Love
  • If you have any positive and|or negative inputs about this, please feel free to contact me.
  • Top 10 is now limited to at least 10 votes per picture and is eliminated from same gender-group votes.
  • I am about to give up...
  • There is now a 2 hours delay on the Top 10s
  • Moderators can by default no longer see specific votes/ratings.
  • There are 2 Administrators of this site. You will only need to know one of them, since the other one can now read my private messages as well.
  • I have just wiped 139918 rows of ratings.... which means ALL RATINGS HAS BEEN WIPED
  • Fixed Average Cups Size and Average Cock Length against secret size... which means, that it is no longer calculating against 0
  • Added wipeOutdatedVotes which will automatically wipe every vote older than specific time.
  • Added My Stats in the Me section. Check out what people thinks about you for every gender and on every category.
  • Moderators are supposed to be neutral, which means, no fucking downratings of any kind. Therefore 2 moderators has lost their status as moderator and had their given ratings wiped and has been restricted from rating on same gender.
    This cannot be reversed. You should have known better!! Shame on you both!
  • I have just wiped 7835 rows of ratings below 5
  • Added ban by IP...
  • Fixed a bug with the image upload, it was checking for file mime and it turnd out to be a mistake, since some iPad browsers does not sends the file mime information... Thanks to klc91 for reporting it.
  • Tweaked the show ratings types to be generated a lot faster, so that the profiles should now show a lot faster too.
  • Complete String Length: 403,347 (double enter removed)
  • Lines of Code: 12,143 (double enter removed)
  • Tab-Indent: 27,631
  • Defined Constants: 88
  • Functions: 349
  • Class/Objects: 3
  • SQL Queries: 261
  • Having a Change of Heart?... I have unlocked re-rating for ever picture you have rated below 5,...
  • Just added a show ratings by Members and Non-members on the profiles.
  • Non-members (non validated users) ratings will not be add to the total ratings on the Top 10s. But once the user becomes a member, they will count.
  • Rewrote the entire codes for the profiles and you will now be able to see Photos shared with Friends Only and/or Favorited Friends if you are on those lists of the profile owner.
Next Step of Coding:
  • Needs to re-code the profile codes... geeky stuff, you wouldn't understand anyways, so no reason to explain why ;)
  • Show Friends Only (and Favorited Friends) photos in the profile galleries.
  • Add Block Member.
  • Add Report Comment and Report Conversation.
  • Add Top of The Cups.
  • Add Personal Stats showing you the average ratings from genders on your photos listed as Boobs, Butt, etc.
  • Add A.I. to detect downraters and reset and punish them.
  • Added a temporary quick-view of your current favorite profiles and photos in the Me section.
  • Added [★ +1] which is add to favorite on profiles and on photos.
  • Fixed the sidebar to not show in fullsize for users usings zoom 125%. Thanks to HavingFun for reporting this with a screenshot.
  • Fixed a CSS problem on the sidebar with Firefox, thanks to ADfuntime for reporting the weird looking sidebar...
  • Changed the code handles of friends internally and how to list the friendlist.
  • Add autocomplete datalist for friends in start a New Conversation
  • Just finished up on the most sensitive codes of this site: The wipe user functions. And they are working. No ghostdata left behind.
    If anyone wants specific data wiped such as votes, comments, private messages and/or all your photos but still wants to keep your profile here, then send me a message... also if you want your entire profile wiped.
  • Complete String Length: 319,261 (double enter removed)
  • Lines of Code: 9,544 (double enter removed)
  • Tab Indents: 21,185
  • Defined Constants: 86
  • Functions: 273
  • Class/Objects: 3
  • SQL Queries: 202
  • Added Friendlist... will work on galleries for friend only in the next couple of days.
  • Added show ratings by genders on profiles. Hopefully this will limit the downrating of females while high ratings to males...
  • Added a few more features for the sexy moderators. If you wish to become a moderator of this site, send me a message.
  • Add Private Messages Service for any member to send message between each other.
    Please note that this is in early testing so there will still be tweaked code inside of it.
    Feel free to spam the Test user.
  • Added a little block on the top to show who is currently online (who has loaded a page within the last 15 minutes)
  • Fixed a bug that when an image was uploaded without a category id it was given 0 (zero) as ID and then it wouldn't show up in the moderator's view and therefore couldn't be approved... sorry about that!!! It is fixed now and those unchecked has been checked out.
  • Tweaked "Last Seen Online" to also show people without a photo.
  • Added some other elements for the Moderators
  • I am planning on adding some CupsCoins to the system,.. a money system to buy slots for the top bar on the pages and other features as well to let people show off their pictures.
  • Members will earn a little by uploading pictures and by rating pictures.
  • Every already rated picture and every already uploaded picture will receive a bonus due to beta testing,... once when i add the system into the main system.
  • There are ϾϿ10,000 hidden somewhere on this site which can be found only by validated members...
  • Added gallery editor in the Me section with the ability to rename the title, activate and deactive photos, change settings such as allow view for friends only, members only or public and to move a picture to another category.
  • Added search members in the Members section.
  • Added edit profile details inside of the Me section. You can now set your relationship status, sexuality, change country, set cupsize, cocksize and add a short description.
  • Cancelled the support for IE8 since it has too many problems with cool and useful CSS2 and CSS3.
  • Added Tops 10s.
  • Changed the layout in the Members section.
  • Changed the Top 10 to only show results from profiles with more than 5 photos and at least 10 votes on one photo.
  • So start rating those Females, Shemales, Males, Couples or go here to rate them All
  • Redesigned the Me section to show up to the last 100 comments on your photos in a single view.
  • Added sidebar for high resolutions with Top 10s
  • Added a few more stats to the profiles... Overall Average Rated and Rating Average...
  • Fixed upload image form on the Me section...
  • Added the rate features on genders: Females, Shemales, Males, Couples and also one for All.
  • Added last 10 comments to the Me section for your photos.
  • Fixed a problem with IE7+8 not being interactive with elements which has display:none; Rating now works on IE7+8. Thanks murf for reporting.
  • Have created a query to select where nothing exists... does that makes sense?
  • 100% HTML5 Validated.
  • Made unique Photo IDs (a 6 chars key from A-z and 0-9 in random), so if you share a link with someone it will always show the correct photo.
  • Added "Leave a comment" on profiles.
  • Please leave me a comment or spam the Test account so I can work out a prettier comment section.
  • fixed a bug for iPad versus overflow scroll div elements, thanks Jill13.
  • Added "Leave a comment" on photos.
  • Added "rate photo" a few days ago, but forgot to log it here...
  • Added overview of ratings and views, plus a feature to show who has rated your pictures once you get more than 20 votes on a picture, in the me section.
  • Deleted the wallpaper since it was a bit messy.
  • I hate Firefox,... I just finished up with the profile rate feature just to find out that Firefox is clueless about relative table columns.
  • I gave up on IE6. It is just not really possible to make it understand HTML5 tags. I will go thru the logs and see which IE browser most of you guys are using,..
  • IE9 will be the absolute minimum supported browser. But since this is the highest IE version that you can use on Windows XP, and since it only supports CSS2 and HTML4, I suggest that you try using a newer browser for Windows XP such as Google Chrome (also works for Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X 10.6 and ).
  • Chrome for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • Chrome for Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Chrome for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE)
  • Moved site to a new and much more powerful server.
  • Added view photo for the galleries.
  • Added more internal structures to database...
  • Made a unique query to show the pictures by date...
  • Sorry, I have been waaaay too busy lately, working on the new server. Teaching it who's the boss!!
  • Been testing a bit of Ajax, FileAPI, Blob, Drag & Drop.
  • Parts of the hardware arrived today, the rest should be here by friday, so I will start installing the new server during the weekend.
  • Finish up on another and better way of handling the requested url.
  • Setting up internal database and webfolder structures and restrictions.
  • Added preparing databases for image view, image rating, image booster, profile booster, favorite images, messages, relationship, sexualities, cupsizes, cocksizes and many more.
  • Added darker semi-transparent effects for CSS3 supported browsers.
  • Added some minor features here and there in the last couple of days. Have been kind of busy with AFK life.
  • Ordered a new server which should be here in the middle of next week. 4xCores, 16GB RAM and tons diskspace.
  • Added upload pictures inside the Me section (you'll need to be logged in to see that section).
  • Added overview of your uploaded pictures. More details will be added later!
  • Setting up database structure between guest, members, moderatetors and administrators...
  • Having a headache today so I have only added a few new features such as:
    • Added PAC (Public Access Control) which allow the user to choose between Disallow all / Minimal view (default, means avatar and username only) / Allow profile view / Allow profile & public vote.
    • Added featured view of public allowed female members (currently not enough female members here to see the feature).
    • Added members bar which will show 16 profiles at random if they have allowed profile view. Once again, not enough members.
  • Fixed a small login problem due to that I forgot to hash the password with the username.
    e.g. SALT.$password.PEPPER vs. SALT.$username.$password.PEPPER
    (this is the reason why your username on login is case-sensitive)
  • Fixed some ISSUES with IE8...
  • Fixed keep uploaded picture if sign up was incomplete.
  • Added add logo & username to pictures.
  • Added crop to center for thumbnails.
  • Added auto rotate picture on upload to the correct orientation.
  • Just have to complete the add to database and send a verify email. Then i can start working on the admin part to approve people and then add the galleries,...
  • Nity nite people, and sweet sexy dreams!
  • Decided to delay the realtime site for now, will work on a more semi-dynamic site for now and then add the realtime later... until then Project Social Boobs is on hold.
  • About new members on RMC: A new member will have a trial period for 1 mouth, where this person cannot upload pictures to chat nor gallery, post links, vote or anything like that before a validation picture has been uploaded.
  • Won't be coding today,.. I had a long day and very little sleep.
  • Some hours ago I suspected a person for being a dick about this project. So I claimed that the project was canned and went anonymously to the RMB chat to see his reaction to this. It turned out, that I was far from wrong about him.

BrainSTORM - Features:

  • RealTime Chat
    • The chat will be part of the main interface of the site
    • Ability to step out of the chat (close the chat)
  • Boobs listed by Cup-sizes (instead of the user choosing to put her huge knockers under the boobs section)
    • A-B
    • C-D
    • E/DD-etc
  • RealTime comments on pictures
  • RealTime personal message
  • RealTime Top 10
  • Profiles will ONLY be viewable for members of the site
  • Rating will be Members Only and Only vote once (ability to change your vote)
  • Achievements/Photo Challenge such as
    • Validated (RMC Validation Photo, which will also be a requirement to enter the top 10)
    • Classy (Photo with Classical Setting)
    • Nude Artist
    • Personal View (own POV of your boobs)
    • ...and more
  • In the chat, female users will have their names in red. Males in blue,.... Shemales in purple...
  • Add profile to Favorite which will be viewable only for yourself - a counter will be shown on the profile
  • Add photo to favorite and/or collection (private or public) which will be snown only as a counter on each picture
  • As preview version to nonmembers there will be a separated voting system, which will still be viewable on your own pictures, if allow public rating is turned on
  • When a user uploads a highres picture she can choose to also allow it to show as background/wallpaper on the site. If that picture reaches a certain among of score it will enter the rotation.
  • Some pre-defined chatrooms (The Bar, The Hot-Tub, The Bed, etc) and ability to create a new one and to invite and/or kick people from the user-room
  • Abilty to tag people in the chat with @username
  • Rotate picture
  • Special notification when someone tags you in the chat
  • Boobs of the month with a boobs vs boobs each month (winners can only particulate once a year)
  • User profiles will be limited for non-members or even hidden for public view if the user wishes to
  • Suspension of account will be possible up to 1000 years (banned)
  • There will be content moderators
  • Males are allowed to have profiles and to be rated
  • Couples are allowed to have profiles and to be rated
  • Ability to report a users for being a fake user directly from the pictures
  • A scoreboard for the hunters
  • Ability to kick someone from the chat, which will start a vote-to-kick timer on the target
  • Easier reply to user in chat
  • Some serious motivation for me to be doing this....
  • The last 10 pictures posted in the chat will be shown in a box, where people can add a [Like]
  • Smileys in the chat.... anyone can and want to make those?
  • Send invitation to real life friends by email, which will be sent as anonymous (someone you know thinks you'd enjoy joining this site: rate my cups) -David
  • Natural vs Enhanced feature with 2 random pictures against each other
  • Money System
    • Earn: People will earn cash by doing the photo challenges
    • Spend: ... don't know yet.. flowers and gifts?
  • The interface will be slightly transparent
  • The user should be able to choose a color layout for the site such as dark, light, blue, pink, etc.
  • Ability to [Like] comments
  • Person Status & Blog
  • Realtime Forums

If you have an idea which you would like to see or discuss with me, of if you have problems with the site, feel free to send me an email at bangmrbang@gmail.com

Have a nice day!
- MrBang