Member: 29 years old male from Ireland

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Cock LengthMassive (9.25" | 23.50cm)
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Horny teen lookin for some fun
I'm always up for a chat, or maybe more [email protected] (now with 200% more vids!!)
Don't be shy :)

I have a feeling some of my pics are getting a bit ...stale. If you have any suggestions for new pics you wanna see shoot me a message!

Also very occasionally do skype shows, soo if any women are interested shoot me a pm


  • - 11 months ago
    Mmm that huge cock would be perfect in my mouth !
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    Hi Sexy....love looking at my big Irish cock!!!
  • - 8 years ago
    Hope your Christmas was a good one hun and a happy new year to you and your sexy cock....x
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    Its been a while since I stopped in here....I'm so glad I did....
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